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Powerful and affordable hydraulic calculation software for automatic fire sprinkler systems. SHC has all the features you need to enter system data, evaluate results, and produce professional hydraulic calculation reports. Calculations use the Hazen-Williams or Darcy-Weisbach friction loss formula. Wet, dry, preaction, tree, loop, gridded, and custom systems may all be calculated. Multiple water sources, multiple booster pumps, multiple fixed loss devices, negative elevations, SI and U.S. units, automatic peaking, and velocity pressures are all supported. You may also create custom pipe diameters, fitting equivalent lengths, and liquid properties. SHC's modern syntax highlighting editor allows you to enter sprinkler system data efficiently with input flexibility most programs lack. Errors are highlighted in real time. There are "Pop-up helpers" for material and fitting codes so you don't have to memorize them. Automatic "proposals" anticipate the next parameter and type it for you. U.S. users may enter lengths and elevations using the foot and inch symbols. Group editing makes it easy to change all values of a specific type in your selection, such as k-factors or discharges. SHC even allows pipe and node names up to 8 alphanumeric characters long. SHC's calculation results window allows you to quickly evaluate your design. All relevant system, pipe, and node data is shown. Data may be sorted by clicking on the column heading. You can customize the pipe information shown. Best of all, the calculation results window can stay open and visible while you make changes in the editor window! Simply resize and drag the results window to a convenient spot on your screen! When your design is done, SHC will print a professional hydraulic calculation report or save it as a pdf file. SHC can generate a NFPA 13 (2007) style report or you can modify the information shown as needed. Best of all - NO MAINTENANCE FEES and NO FORCED UPGRADES! Igneus is on your side!

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